December 2012
Dear Shelley,
The pearl and gold pendant and the pearl drop earrings which we chose as a gift for our retiring colleague turned out to be just perfect! She loved them and we all thank you very much!
Montreal, Québec
August 2012
Shelley, I love my new Wavy earrings! The pink pearls go very well with the necklace you made for me last summer. Thank you!
Ottawa, Ontario
August 2012
Shelley, I love the Nuit Magique neckpiece! It goes with everything and it can be casual or dressy. Thank you so much! And the lapis neckpiece is just stunning, too!
Montreal, Québec
March 2011
Hi Shelley, the ring looks great! I love it and am excited to wear it! I think it really complements my wedding band and very much suits me!
Toronto, Ontario
July 2009
Dear Shelley,
I have received so many compliments on your bracelet, earrings, and pearl necklace! They are really stunning and I’m delighted with them!
Warmest wishes,
Ottawa, Ontario
January 2009
Dear Shelley,
Thank you for creating such beautiful engagement and wedding rings for Jeannette and I. We so appreciated your help and patience throughout the process and enjoy the rings and their meaning each day.
Josh and Jeanette
Toronto, Ontario
March 2008
Dear Shelley,
Thank you again for your wonderful work on our wedding bands. Every time we look at them, we will have a thought for you. Thanks again for your wonderful work!
Kind regards,
Nadège and Sébastien, Switzerland
June 2007
Good evening, Shelley:
John presented me with the Blue Moon neckpiece this evening, even though my birthday is later this summer. He could not wait, and neither could I. I am so pleased with it. I want to thank you for working with me on the design because the necklace and earrings now have an added significance and I feel that I got to know you. (. . . )
I do want you to know that even though I now own three of your creations, I will be drawn to the Cornerstone Gallery just to view your new pieces . . . please keep them coming!
May you enjoy every success, and many years of unusual combinations and configurations of gemstones.
Marcia, Kingston, Ontario
January 2004
To: Lafrenière & Pai Gallery
Subject: My beautiful ring
A quick note to let you know that the ring made by Shelley Gaffe, yellow and white gold, 6-point diamond, bought by my partner, Joanna, on December 30, that you had sized and resent to my address in Toronto, arrived safely. As you might remember, I live in Amsterdam, and all my friends and colleagues over here love the ring so much that they can’t stop talking about it. In fact, I would like to personally write the artist to tell her how much I appreciate her beautiful work. Would you be so kind to forward me her e-mail address?
Thank you so much.
Ellen, Hollande
January 2002
Dear Shelley,
I consider myself privileged to be wearing your Aube des tropiques neckpiece. Things of such beauty do not have the right to belong to just one person, but rather to the whole world. Please accept my sincere thanks for your creation.
Kingston, Ontario
Shelley Gaffe Design Jewellery for BYZANTIUM