Custom Orders

Shelley Gaffe loves to work with individual clients to create unique, custom pieces just for them. She takes their wishes, visions, and preferences into account when designing each piece, and makes sure to respect all budget considerations.

Using diagrams, sketches, photos and other descriptive details about the piece, Shelley and the client work together to design the desired result. Shelley has successfully dealt with clients in Canada, the USA, Britain, Holland and Switzerland using these methods to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.

A client will sometimes bring some unworn gold jewellery to the atelier—a broken chain, a single earring, an unloved ring or bangle—which can be traded to a refinery. The resulting credit is applied to the cost of the client’s new custom piece. Shelley also encourages clients to “upcycle” their own usable gemstones or attractive gold elements into the new piece.

It is a fun process, enabling Shelley to work closely with the client to design the new jewel, and she finds it creative and inspiring. Clients seem to love both the process and the results!